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Warehouse Pallet Racking & Shelving

With space at a premium, and businesses eager to fill every inch of space on site, pallet racking is the perfect solution for the storage of even large or heavy objects. With over 50 years of experience in delivering materials handling and storage solutions, BITO are a trusted supplier of pallet racking systems to industries and warehouses across the UK.

Heavy-duty shelving is ideal for the storage of pallets and is one of the most popular shelving systems for use in warehouses, distribution centres and factories. It's the high load-bearing capacity of such systems that allows for cartons and large goods to be stored on pallets, so that efficient storage is always possible. Also, boxes and large plastic containers can be stored with ease. Loading and unloading of such containers can then be carried out with a forklift truck or specialised pallet truck.

Pallet Racking Systems Maximise Product Storage Space

BITO pallet racks are particularly popular because they can be easily installed, without much effort. Each rack comes ready-made, galvanised with a high-quality gloss finish and features durable steel components for long-lasting use. These shelves are easily anchored to the ground with the included fixing material, ensuring maximum stability and safety.

Load-bearing capacities are also sufficient for the installation of several additional panels. Spaces between individual compartments is adjustable in increments of 50 mm, ensuring storage can be readily adapted to meet changing requirements. All elements can be connected easily, while the surfaces of the shelves are easily cleaned and adhere to the strictest fire protection regulations.

Using a pallet racking system, businesses can make the most of their space by keeping pallets or large objects in specially built pallet shelves that drastically increase warehouse capacity. Thanks to their durable steel design and easy to use features, they're long lasting and efficient too - so they'll never slow you down on the job.

We Offer Warehouse Racking System Design Services

In our online shop, you'll find a large selection of popular heavy-duty shelves. Find the right design for your individual requirement and choose a storage solution that can readily adapt to changing circumstances. Online at BITO, you'll find pallet racks available in various sizes.

  • Frame heights from 2,000 mm to 6,000 mm
  • Shelf depths of 600 mm, 800 mm or 1,100 mm
  • Shelf lengths from 1,890 mm to 28,400 mm
  • 2 to 5 levels possible
  • Maximum pallet weight of 600 to 1,000 kg

Due to the diversity of our designs, these rack systems are particularly suitable for use in pallet storage and freight handling companies, production houses and retail sectors. We also cater to the food industry.

Custom Pallet Shelving For Your Business Needs

Warehouse racking or other racking systems are highly customisable, both in terms of the warehouse shelving itself or the whole layout of your solution. Anchored tightly to the ground but highly mobile when necessary, it's extremely modular and easy to re-design the layout of your space - so if you need to add or remove shelves under pressure, you'll find it's easily done. The whole system can adapt to your changing requirements as fast as you can, so it'll never let you down.

You can also adjust the pallet shelves themselves with a variety of customisable options, for maximum flexibility. With a choice of shelving materials - including mesh and chipboard - and fully adjustable heights, you can handle a wide variety of materials or change your storage capabilities quickly and easily. There are also a range of health and safety and identification options, so if you need to optimise a certain area of your solution, it's no problem.

Shop Racking Accessories For Optimised Pallet Racking

Pallet racks from BITO can also be complemented with convenient accessories. These extras include decks to provide better organisation, with a choice of chipboard, galvanised steel or mesh decks available. With the help of roller track segments, heavy-duty shelving can also be designed as through-flow storage. Signs and stickers for the identification of your storage can also be ordered. Stackable pull-out items can be used to facilitate the handling of your stored goods, while protective devices can be utilised to ensure maximum health and safety adherence in the warehouse.

FREE UK Mainland Delivery On Pallet Racking Orders Over £100.00 (ex VAT)

BITO's pallet racking systems are an effective choice for every requirement in the heavy load-bearing sector. Warehouse operations can be optimised and costs can be slashed. When choosing a suitable variant, our friendly team are always on hand to provide you with the advice and direction you need to find an ideal match.

To find out more about BITO's warehouse pallet racking solutions, or any of our other 5,000 products, get in touch with our UK-based customer service team on 02476 388 852

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