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Wheels and Castors Improve Workplace Productivity

Wheels and castors may not be high on your list of priorities, but you may be surprised at the impact they can have on the productivity of your workplace. Ergonomics plays a vital role in the modern workplace, particularly when employees are expected to transport heavy loads from one site location to another. These problems are found not only in industrial settings, but also in public buildings and offices. Wherever there are items to be moved, whether it’s simply rubbish or stacks of printer paper, there is the potential for an accident if those items are moved manually. Castor wheels can be a vital tool in enabling people to move about their workplace freely.

Options for Trolley Wheels and Castors

If you’re replacing your caster wheels, you’ll need them to fit your existing trolley, workbench or cabinet. Perhaps you purchased a trolley under the assumption that it had heavy duty caster wheels and received light duty instead or perhaps you were looking for swivel castors and received fixed castors. Whatever your reasons for replacing your castor wheels, you’ll need to ensure that they suit your environment. For instance, pneumatic tyre options are made from black solid rubber tyres and are suited to heavy duty settings. If you’re working within an office environment, TPE wheels may be adequate. Knowing your requirements is the key to finding caster wheels that work hard for your workplace. The puncture proof industrial castors vary in load capacity to ensure the perfect wheel for you.

BITO Swivel Castors with Brakes for Unpredictable Environments

Moving a trolley is sometimes only half the battle. Keeping it in place can be another issue, especially if you’re operating in an environment where there is plenty of activity such as a factory or a school. To ensure the in house trolley stays put, brakes are often useful, and BITO supplies swivel castors with brakes that add an extra layer of protection to your workplace, ensuring the swivel head heavy duty castors stay where they are.

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