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Longitudinal Dividers Offer Flexibility

The ability to make your storage containers work the way you need them to ensures that you’re making the best of your space. A storage box with dividers allows you to segment bins and containers into smaller storage compartments. This is ideal when you have picking bins, for example, that are used for smaller items. Instead of having separate containers, you can use bin dividers to make the most of the storage space you already have. This limits the number of plastic bins you need overall, meaning less space in your facility is given over to storage and so it can be used for other things.

Choose Bin Dividers That Suit Your Requirements

Plastic storage boxes with dividers come in various sizes and types. This means it’s important to know what type of plastic container you have to ensure that you find bin dividers that fit into it. As well as rigid dividers that fit to your specific bin type, there are other options that can be used to subdivide any container. For instance, there are slot-in bin dividers on the market that are made from thin materials able to be cut by the user to the required size. If you have shelf bins that you want to segment into a smaller number of units or you have irregular shaped containers, these types of bin dividers may work for your company, to organise and store your bits and bobs..

Compartment Storage Boxes with Removable Dividers Must Be Durable

As with all elements of your storage or picking equipment, any longitudinal dividers you purchase must be of sufficient quality to last and be appropriate for the containers they’re used within. Using any bin dividers that aren’t appropriate could lead to goods being mixed up and, in some cases, this could lead to bigger mistakes being made. Smooth-running businesses rely on quality equipment and even something as small as bin dividers play their role in ensuring processes run effectively. Remember, too, that dividers must be easy for your operatives to work with and not cause unwarranted confusion during the picking process.

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