Picking Trolley Equipment Improves Productivity

For busy picking environments, order picking trolley accessories can make all the difference to your team’s productivity. Employers of warehouse picking units know that their teams should be given all the necessary tools to ensure they can complete their duties rapidly and accurately. This can take the form of a marking board or a memo board that enables team members to write down notes about stock levels or requirements as they work. A picking trolley with clipboard option can offer an easy way for an employee to make notes while on the move at work, limiting downtime and any delays to their duties.

Choosing Order Picking Trolley Accessories

To work out which picking trolley equipment will be most useful to your team, try putting yourself in their shoes. For instance, if they are operating in a huge warehouse away from refreshments, might a bottle holder be a good addition to your pick and pack trolleys? Equally, some warehouses operate with handheld scanners and employees can find that these interfere with their picking duties if stored in a pocket or on their waistband. A scanner holder that attaches to your mesh picking units will provide a rapid way of scanning items without delaying your employee or risking items being dropped or damaged.

Other Picking Trolley Equipment for Your Team

Pick and pack trolleys are most effective when they are customised for use within your organisation. For instance, if you handle goods that are prone to falling, attaching back cladding to your mesh picking unit may prove useful. Equally, you may need additional shelf levels within your unit and these must be appropriate to the size of your unit. Guide rollers and tow bar are also additions that allow trolleys to be moved more effectively, and order picking trolleys with steps allow employees to reach higher shelves without the need for an additional step ladder. All order picking trolley accessories should be suited to your working environment and improve the working lives of your employees.

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